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Dryer Vent Cleaning

Dryers with blocked vents run less efficiently, which can wear down your dryer or make it run significantly slower. When this happens, you use more energy and your wallet takes a hit.

Reduces the risk of fire
According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, over 15,000 home fires each year are caused by dryer vents with a build up of lint and debris. When these build ups occur, the dryer can overheat, which can result in fires in the dryer or dryer duct.

Remove unwanted pests
Animal, bird and insect nesting is another frequent cause of dryer vent blockage. Besides the annoying chirping or pitter patter of mice, these unwanted tenants in your dryer vent are unsanitary and can lead to other problems such as fires, carbon monoxide poisoning and higher energy costs.

Protects your home & its contents from fires, smoke and pollutants Significantly reduces energy operating costs Dryers run more efficiently Dryers will last longer Clothes will dry faster. CALL TODAY FOR FREE ESTIMATE


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